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& run successful meetings.

Meet your objective, - or don't meet at all.

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No more detours Built to keep your

meeting on track

An agenda structured to keep you moving forward and closing tasks during your meeting. 
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Disorganized content Now arranged by

agenda item

Files and links are located under the related agenda item, which leaves your meeting only one way to go - forward. Add actions and decisions as you go.
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So easy to follow up you actually will One click sharing
Prepare your team before the meeting and follow up with actions and decisions afterwards.
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“Pinstriped is my go-to tool for planning my meetings. It is great for running straight forward meetings and not wasting time.”
“Pinstriped gives me everything I need to stay organised in one easy to use app. It is now my biggest time saver.”
“Prior to Pinstriped I was suffering from poor meetings. Now I find it really easy to prepare, focus and keep my meetings on track.”
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